How to Make a Kilt Jacket And Types Of Kilt Jackets



The topic for this month is that— How to Make a kilt jacket! What type of jacket will be best to wear with kilt? There is no one answer, of course. The style and fashion of jacket to wear will depend upon the formality of the event, which you are attending.
There are so many styles of kilt jackets to be had. This article will deal with a few of them what is a kilt jacket. First of all, define what is a “kilt jacket”. As simply a jacket cut high to be worn with the kilt. Inevitably someone will ask, “Can I just wear my sport coat with my kilt?” Usually talking, most of the standard men’s sport jackets and blazers will be
much too long for looking decent with a kilt. The bottom of the jacket will hide much of the kilt and sporran. While there is an historical precedent for longer jackets worn with the kilt. (there are Victorian era portraits showing long jackets with the kilt, including some by Kenneth MacLeay). Most today will agree that a standard sportcoat worn with the kilt simply looks too long.

After that, the question is that, “what should be the purpose of your jacket?” In other words, is this jacket for function or for fashion? If you are just looking for a good winter jacket that keep yourself warm. And then wear whatever type of jacket you like. That you might ordinarily wear with your kilt.

Argyle Jacket

The very famous kind of kilt jacket that is wear nowadays is Argyle jacket. If someone only uses the term “kilt jacket” with no other qualifications or words, which is the general style that is used. But that is same to a man’s
sport coat with cuts, but it is made in the proper length to wear with a kilt. The jacket can be made from different kind of fabrics, with several different styles of cuffs to choose from.

The similar cuffs can be seen in Argyle jacket are gauntlet cuffs; But these are sometimes simply considered to as “Argyle cuffs.” One can also get Braemar cuffs (wherein a patch of fabric is sew onto the sleeve, with three buttons in a row), or plain cuffs. The latter are often referred to as “Crail” cuffs. These names can admittedly get confusing. One manufacturer today is offering an Argyle style jacket in charcoal grey cloth, made with Braemar cuffs, as a “Crail” jacket. Ordering a “Crail” jacket from any other supplier would get you a jacket with plain cuffs. So it’s best to always double check from your supplier to make sure you know what you will be getting.

Cloth of Argyle Jacket

If the Argyle jacket is made from a tweed or a light coloured worsted wool it is considered a day wear jacket. But if the same style jacket made from black or another dark colour worsted wool that will be considered for evening wear.The most versatile jacket one can have in their Highland wardrobe is a black Argyle. It can be worn with a dress shirt and neck tie for less formal events, or dressed up with a tuxedo shirt and bow tie for black tie functions. It can be worn with waistcoat (vest), allowing for many different looks with the same kilts and jackets.

Prince Charlie Jacket

When you have to attend a lot of black tie events, then Prince Charlie Jacket will be preferred best for you. This is basically the Scottish equivalent of prince charlie jacket. While it can be made in a different of colors, the classic choice is black. It is generally made with Braemar cuffs — in fact this style of cuff is commonly referred to as a “Prince Charlie” cuff.The Prince Charlie is normally worn with a three-button waistcoat, tuxedo shirt, and bow tie.

Dress of Gentleman

Normally all gentlemen wear the Prince Charlie jackets with a neck tie, but this jacket also demands a bow tie with it. Black color Prince Charlie jacket is the classic color of choice. I’ve also seen men wear a dress kilt belt with the Prince Charlie jacket, though I favor this less than a cummerbund or vest. One common mistake to avoid is the wearing of the kilt belt and waistcoat together. The waistcoat should be long enough to cover the top of the kilt, where the belt would be worn.

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