Utility Kilt Custom Made Kilts

We are offering and specialist in creating custom made Utility kilts for men and women. We are producing our kilts from high quality materials. There are round about 12 skilled kilt makers workers in our staff. We make custom made each kilt according to the desire and specifications of our customers. We have a wide variety of luxury kilts.We can produce a fashionable kilts within 1 to 2 days. And we can ship our products within 4 to 5 working days to your doorstep. So that you can received your amazing and authentic Utility kilt. That is just made for you.

Utility Kilts are specifically manufactured to achieve best and comfort fitting. During the rough and tough jobs. These are tough Utility kilts for tough men with hard jobs on work. This is lightweight, comfortable and comes with deep and functional side saddle cargo pockets. This is our simplest and most practical Utility kilt.


This utility kilt is made with high quality poly-cotton material. These utility kilts have side cargo pockets and brass studs. Anyone can enjoy the simple design of a modern kilt uniform. This utility kilt has large cargo pockets and pleats that are sewn down. That’s why you always get that perfect Highland look. Our kilts have two sets of metal snap buttons to make sure you have a comfortable fit. The standard utility kilt also has an extra set of snaps adjust in fit.

Utility Kilts are made according to the modern need. Just for keeping the tradition alive along with meeting the needs of modern people. The front apron is wide and ends in the center of both the legs. These Utility Kilts are also comes up with Cargo Pockets to carry your important things. Like mobile phone, money, or your work related stuffs which is required for your work while working. Moreover, there are different kinds of hooks, buckles and buttons attached with many modern kilts to beautify your traditional wear.
You can checkout the Cargo Utility Kilt which is the best example of modern day kilts.

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