What is Camouflage Multicam Kilt?



Camouflage Multicam Kilt is for those who love tough activities like military training, hunting, survival in deserts, etc. This combat kilt is made with a combination of military-style and utility-style so you can perform training and carry necessary things in pockets. It is very durable and reliable best for rough and tough jobs. You can wear a black camo kilt during work or military training.

Features of Multicam Kilt

If you are looking for a combo of military and utility-style kilt then you are in the right place.
The Camo print on this kilt is desert camo the bold black prints in the camouflage look very stunning.
This is a handmade kilt. Dual stitching makes it very durable.
The 16 oz cotton drill fabric used
Lightweight and strong to stand up and work hard
Cargo Size pockets for carrying more stuff
Rust free metal buckles
Adjustable waist
Wide belt loops
Wide belt area
Studded decorative buttons.


The front is simple and shows the camouflage design of the Kilt. It consists of decorative buttons that are shining and look stunning. The front side will not crumble while walking, sitting, running, or working outsides. There are also decorative buttons on both sides of the belt area.


Cargo size pockets on both sides of kilts. Cargo Pockets allows you to carry anything you want while you work or go for hunting. A flap of the pocket has decorative buttons that shine in dim light. Furthermore, we have cotton strips so you adjust the waist according to your size and comfort.


Pleats are the Scottish heritage which is not ignored. We have sharp pleats so they always look visible. Stretch your legs easily walk run or do whatever you want, these pleats will never become a hindrance in your comfort.

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