What is Fashion Utility Kilt?



Fashion Utility Kilt

Fashion Utility Kilt for the Front Pocket. It creates a refined look that reflects in your stunning personality. Because it leaves your good impression on others as they see you. The black strip on pockets creates a majestic nature of kilt. And create simplicity in it as the keynote of all elegance. As contrast developed by these strips endorse grace into it. That goes around you in magnificent ways.

Which gives you hope & positivism for a new journey of success. So, you can wear these kilts anywhere like occasion, gathering, festival & office. & make your dressing simple but straightforward.

Features of Fashion Kilt

Made by 100% pure cotton.
It has two stylish deep cargo Pockets with two back pockets.
A beautiful front pocket like a sporran hangs through hooks.
This kilt is sewn down Knife Pleat to keep aligned.
All Metallic buttons are rust-free.
Golden buttons are used to grab the snap closure.
2.5 inches wide belt loop is available.
Scottish lion is embroidered on the back pocket

Material Quality

Material is the foremost standard of style. Fine material can only give a fine look. We use excellent material in these kilts to keep your satisfaction level high.


Our unique service is providing the Fashion Kilt for. You can select any fabric color of your choice.

Work Standards

We use pure, highly durable & reliable material. That provides precise quality. To make sure of high standards of work that makes us unique & excellent in providing service to you. Our expert tailors make these kilts by hand. They ensure faultlessness of any kind in any inch of this kilt and sewn with a very smooth touch.

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