What is Gothic Men’s Leather Kilt?



Gothic Men’s Leather Kilt has 100% pure genuine leather with the finest quality that gives it the luxurious and elite look. This Leather Gladiator Kilt with cargo pockets is a casual kilt with special traditional kilt. These kilts are made from the best quality leather of Cow which gives it the smooth and best feel but without compromising on the quality, durability of the warrior kilt. The front of this kilt is plain so we can attain the lustrous look of the leather kilt. Straps are for adjustments. Furthermore with deep Pockets so you can carry more than just basics. The kilt is all around with knife-like pleats which give it the best traditional look.


Two-toned leather Red and Black
Chrome chains hanging on the front
Decorative buttons
Men’s Brave Gladiator Warrior Tailor Made
100% Genuine Lambskin
Pure Leather Kilt
Available in All Sizes and Colors
As per your query please find the below mentioned details required.
We Use Four Type of Lining i.e. Satin Lining, Silk Lining, Crepe Lining, and Cotton Lining
You can select Any One Lining as per your Wish and let us know Or else we generally use Satin Lining in all our Garments
The Kilt is in exactly the same Design and Pattern as shown in the picture in the color of your choice.


Let’s have a look at the features of this kilt and get to know that what makes this Men’s Leather Kilt the best out of all. The front of the kilt is very rich with all the accessories. The front contains leather straps on which chrome buttons are attached which when shines to give the best gladiator look.

The sides of this kilt consist of huge cargo pockets and leather straps for adjustments. The pocket is flap and contains some decorative buttons on the pocket.

The standard pleats depth which is 2.25 inches, but we can change it according to our customer’s choice. Since the pleats have dual stitching they are in erect form and look really stunning.

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