What is Heritage of Scotland Tartan Kilt?



Heritage of Scotland Tartan Kilt is another kilt that we added to our Tartan Kilts catalog. This kilt comes with two leather straps and buckles on the side. It also features another leather strap and buckles on the other side of the kilt for proper adjustment of the kilt. This kilt is made up of the traditional Heritage of Scotland Tartan which looks really great!

The kilt features Acrylic Wool fabric which makes it very economical for all the kilt devotees out there. It also features deep sewn pleats which make it swing easily.

On the front of the kilt, you will see that it features a traditional style. You will also see that it doesn’t feature much design on the front, well that’s because it is a traditional kilt. The plain front apron hangs perfectly straight.

The pleats on this kilt are sewn at around 2.5 inches deep. However, the pleats are totally customizable as per the choice of our beloved customers.

This kilt also features leather straps and buckles on either side of the kilt. Normally, this kit features a single leather strap and buckle however at the customer’s request we can add two of them for better comfort and fit.


  • Heritage of Scotland Tartan Kilt
  • Leather Straps & Buckles
  • 100% Acrylic Wool
  • Ideal For Casual & Formal Wear

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