How to Make Kilts for Men?



Kilts are a customary Celtic piece of clothing worn by men in Scotland and Ireland. Kilts are essentially fold over knee-length skirts with creases along the rear. Customarily, kilts for men are made of plaid, a substantial and thick texture with a checkered example taking after plaid. In addition, customary kilts for men are made of nine yards of texture; a few people say this is the place the expression “all the way” started from. Current, do-it-without anyone’s help kilt for men can be made utilizing less texture.


Buy around 4 to 6 yards of plaid texture relying upon estimations of the individual who will be wearing a kilt. A man with a bigger waistline, similar to 50-55 inches, may require up to 8 yards. For a man with a 32-inch midsection, utilize just 4 yards. Additional material is expected to make the creases. Measure precisely down to the knees from the midsection and around the abdomen and hips. The kilts should hit straightforwardly at the kneecap. Make a point to leave at any rate a large portion of an inch for the stitch. Imprint estimations with a texture pen for future reference. Slice the texture to gauge.

Kilt Making Procedure

Fold the plaid over the garments sham, utilizing pins to hold it set up. Make inch-wide creases up and down the rear of the kilt. Hold the creases set up with pins at the top and mostly down the base. To make a crease: Mark the texture to show the size and territory of the creases. The markings ought to be in two spots: where you will get the texture to overlap it and where the crease will wind up subsequent to collapsing it. Ensure the estimations for all the creases are equivalent.

Expel the kilts for men with the pins unblemished from the sham. Sew the highest points of the creases down with a sewing machine, removing the pins once the crease is sewn. Now, likewise sew inch-wide creases at the two sides and the base of the texture. Cut off overabundance texture.

Make the belt from the extra plaid texture. Pick enough texture to circumvent the highest point of the kilt and cut a strip 4 inches wide. Overlay it down the middle. Sew the base of the collapsed texture to the highest point of the kilt from within. At that point cut two 10-inch long, inch-wide segments of Velcro and sew onto the belt where the two parts of the bargains will meet.

Press the creases with a hot iron. Spot a marginally sodden bit of cotton between the iron and the creases to keep the creases for all time set up.


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