Learn How To Measure Your Kilt Size



Waist measurement – How to Measure your Kilt size. A neat measure to the body at the belly button level.

Hip Measure  

Taken at the widest part of your seat it needs to be a loose measurement.  There must be a 6″ difference between the waist measurement and the hip measurement.  If your hip measurement is 46″ or above you will need a 9 Yard kilt to get the right amount of pleats and a good pleat depth.


From the belly button to the mid knee.  We advice you have some one do this measurement for you. As How to Measure your Kilt size you need to stand nice and straight, don’t look down. 


We do two styles of trew – Military which sits where a kilt does at the belly button, is worn with braces and has a fish tail back. Argyll style trews are like suit trousers and sit lower on the waist. All trews have a french bearer and are 3/4 lined inside at the front 

You need to let us know if you wish for side adjusters or belt loops,   straight pockets or slanted pockets, button fly or zip fly and if you wish for back right hand hip pocket or left hand hip pocket, both or non. 

Waist measure 

For military the measure needs to be at the belly button and a measure close to the skin.  For Argyll trews it is a lower measure where your normal trousers would sit. 

Outside leg 

Measure from where you measured your waist down to how long you want the trews to be.  We advice you ask some one to help you with this measure as you must stand nice and straight, don’t look down.  

Inside leg – Pull your trouser up nice and neat and measure the inside leg to how long you want it to be.  Their should be a 10″ difference in this measurement to the outside leg. 

Thigh – A loose measure at the thigh. 

Calf – measure around the bottom of the leg, think about how wide you would like the trews to be at the bottom.  If you wish for it to be normal it is normally around a 17″-16″ measure, if you want slim it is normally around a 16″-15″ depending on how slim fit you wish it to be.

Bespoke Jacket :

Chest – Measure around the chest. 

Seat – Measure the biggest area of your seat. 


Measure from the bottom of your neck at the back to the length you wish for.  Think about your wish to wear jacket with a kilt or normal trousers. For a kilt length it is a lot shorted and stops around 5 ” down from the base of the spine.  For a jacket not worn with a kilt you can have it any length you think looks good. 

Half back – Measure from the middle of your spine at shoulder blade level across to your shoulder. 

Crown to cuff – From the middle of the shoulder to the top of the thumb joint. Arm length is normally around 23″-26″ depending on your height of person. 

Bespoke Waistcoat : 

Chest – Measure around the chest. 

Waistcoat opening

 Measure from the middle of the back of your neck (nape) to were you want the front opening to be.  Think about how much of your tie you wish to be seen. 

Nape to point

Measure from the middle of the back of your neck (nape) round your shoulder and down to the length of waistcoat you want at the front to the end of the point.  

Waist coats are hard to measure, if you are having problems measuring yourself you can have local tailor do the measure for you, they may charge a small fee.

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