How to Put on a Kilt



Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Your kilt should be wrapped around your body with the pleats to the rear and the aprons overlapping at the front. The fringes should fall to your right-hand side.

A kilt is meant to be worn high on the waist (above your navel), causing it to drop down to the middle of the knee.


We offer three types of shirts to pair with your kilt:- The ghillie shirt is a traditional, loose-fitting shirt. There’s no need for a tie: the leather lace can be fastened in a simple knot or left to hang down the front of your shirt.- Standard wing collar shirts are usually combined with bow ties for a formal kilt outfit. However, they can also be styled down with a straight neck tie for a daytime or outdoor event.- Victorian collar shirts are the most formal option and are usually paired with a bow tie or a ruched tie or cravat.

No matter which shirt you choose, it should be neatly tucked into your kilt.


Whether you choose a casual three or five button waistcoat or decide to go full formal with a Prince Charlie jacket & vest combo, your selection should always complement the colours in your kilt. 

The jacket is normally kept open to show off the waistcoat’s polished buttons.

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