Sewing Projects

Most of these easy beginner sewing projects are just straight lines and some simple skills.they might help, otherwise, good luck as you get going on all of these beginner sewing projects and sewing crafts!

What’s the Project? So you got a new sewing machine and you’re super excited, but you’ve got one big question-how to use a sewing machine! You’re not alone and it’s not hard. This easy tutorial will walk you through the basics of using your new machine and get you sewing in no time!

OK, you’ve done it. You bought a new sewing machine, got one for Christmas or broke the one you bought 3 years ago out of its dusty box. Now what? What are all those buttons and levers? How do you turn this thing on? What do you do now?

Sewing machines can be exciting but also totally overwhelming when you don’t know what any of the gadgets are or how to use it! If you’re wanting to learn to sew, the first place to start is simply how to use a sewing machine! This guide will walk you through some of the basics and help you get started on a lifelong journey of sewing!

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