What Is a Rainbow Kilt



The Rainbow Kilt is a new stylish pattern kilts for men. Six or Seven rainbow natural colors put in the kilt pleats and all pleats sewing till the end. This kilt is one of the best-multicolored kilts with pure cotton fabric. Stitching is very fine. This Kilt has two rainbow side cargo pockets with matching studs. Six colors into design on pockets. This kilt pockets is make more attractive other kilts.

What things in Rainbow Kilt that more unique

This Kilt is make up soft fabric. It is also made in other materials. Anyone can enjoy the simple and rugged style of this kilt. Many colors, comfortable, loose and suitable for men and women. It’s functional making as it fashionable.

It has two Cargo kilts pockets with into rainbow pleats. It has two sets of metal snap buttons to make sure you have a solid. This kilt also has an extra set of snaps so it can adjust in comfortable fit. Kilts pleats are design knife shape. It’s available in various colors of fabric. Whenever you wear this kilt you always get perfect Highland looking.

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