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June 14, 2024

Kilts Heritage of Scotland: How to wear a Great Kilt ?

Jun 10, 2024


A Great Kilt, a cornerstone of Scotland’s kilts heritage, embodies the rich cultural history and traditions of the Scottish Highlands. This iconic garment, also known as the belted plaid, has been worn by Highlanders since the 16th century and remains a symbol of Scottish pride and identity. Understanding how to wear great kilts not only connects you to this vibrant heritage but also allows you to participate in a centuries-old tradition that has shaped Scotland’s cultural landscape. This guide will walk you through the steps of donning great kilts, ensuring you can wear it with both confidence and respect for its historical significance.

A Great Kilt

What You Need

To wear A Great Kilt, you’ll need:

  • A length of tartan fabric, typically about 4 to 6 yards long and 54 inches wide.
  • A belt, preferably leather, to secure the kilt around your waist.
  • A kilt pin or brooch to add a decorative touch and help secure the fabric.
A Great Kilt

Step-by-Step Guide TO Wear A Great Kilt

  1. Laying Out the Fabric:
    • Find a flat surface, like a bed or clean floor, to lay out your tartan fabric.
    • Lay the fabric flat with the pleat side up. The length should run horizontally.
  2. Creating the Pleats:
    • Starting at one end, fold the fabric back and forth to create pleats. The pleats should be about the width of your hand (4-6 inches).
    • Continue pleating until the pleated section is roughly equal to your waist measurement.
  3. Lying Down on the Kilt:
    • Lie down on the pleated fabric with the pleats centred on your back.
    • The top of the fabric should be at your waist level, with the rest of the fabric extending out to either side.
  4. Wrapping the Kilt:
    • Wrap one side of the fabric over your front, and then the other side over that, so the fabric is snug around your waist.
  5. Adjusting the Upper Section:
    • Stand up carefully, holding the top edges of the fabric.
    • The upper section of the kilt can be arranged over your shoulder or draped around your torso. There are various styles, so choose one that feels comfortable and looks good to you.
    • Use a kilt pin or brooch to secure the fabric at your shoulder or chest.

Tips for Wearing a Great Kilt

  • Practice Makes Perfect: It might take a few tries to get the pleats and fit just right. Don’t be discouraged; the more you practice, the better you’ll get.
  • Weather Considerations: The great kilt is versatile and can be adjusted for different weather conditions. Wrap it tightly in colder weather or drape it loosely when it’s warm.
  • Occasions: The great kilt is perfect for various occasions, from formal events to Highland games. Wear it with pride and respect for its historical significance.


Wearing A Great Kilt is more than just putting on a piece of clothing; it’s about connecting with Scotland’s heritage and the traditions of the Highlanders. By following these steps, you can don your special occasion with confidence and honour the rich cultural legacy it represents. Whether for a special occasion or as a nod to your Scottish roots, the kilt is a proud emblem of Scotland’s history and identity.

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