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Boxing Speed Balls Improve speed, accuracy, and reflexes with these essential training tools. Perfect for boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. Elevate your skills today!

Enhance Speed, Accuracy, and Reflexes in Training


Boxing speed balls, also known as  speedballs, are a popular training tool used in combat sports such as kickboxing, and MMA. These small, inflated balls are suspended from a platform and provide a dynamic target for fighters to strike with speed and precision. In this informative guide, we will explore the various aspects including their benefits, types, setup, techniques, and how they can elevate your training by improving speed, accuracy, and reflexes.

Understanding Boxing Speed Balls

It is the  compact training tools consisting of an inflated ball attached to a platform or swivel. They are design to be struck repeatedly, encourage fighters to develop their speed, accuracy, and hand-eye coordination. Speed balls are commonly use in combination with other training equipment, such as heavy bags and focus mitts, to provide a well-round training regime.

Types of Speed Balls

 Double-End Speed Balls: These speed balls are connect to the floor and ceiling with elastic cords, creating a bouncing and unpredictable target. Double-end speed balls are known for their fast rebound and quick movement, making them ideal for developing hand speed, reflexes, and timing.
Swivel Speed Balls: Swivel speed balls are mount on a swivel mechanism, allowing the ball to rotate freely in all directions. This type of speed ball offers a smooth and consistent rebound, enabling fighters to practice rhythmic striking combinations.

Benefits of Boxing Speed Balls

 Boxing speed balls are specifically design to enhance speed and hand-eye coordination. The constant striking and rebounding of the speed ball require fighters to develop quick reflexes and precise timing. By training with speed balls, fighters can improve their hand speed, agility, and coordination, allowing them to deliver rapid and accurate punches in the ring.

Focus and Concentration.

Shoulder and Arm Endurance.

Timing and Rhythm.

Training Techniques with Boxing Speed Balls

Basic Striking Techniques.

Combinations and Sequences.

Advanced Techniques.

Incorporating Boxing Speed Balls into Training Programs

Warm-up and Conditioning.

Skill Development.

Interval Training.


Boxing speed balls are essential training tools for fighters seeking to improve their  accuracy, and reflexes. Through consistent practice with speed balls, fighters can develop the hand-eye coordination, timing, and focus necessary for success in combat sports.

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