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White Judo Gi is unique from other martial arts uniforms in that they are built with a heavier and more durable weaved fabric that can withstand even the roughest judo throws and techniques. It is very important to buy the best judo gi available because they have reinforced stitching that keeps them from tearing during the most aggressive training sessions. A Japanese Judo Gi or Uniforms include a jacket made from durable weaved fabric and a pair of judo pants with reinforced fabric around the knees to help avoid mat burn while grappling.


A JUDO Gi Uniform is the uniform worn by judoka (practitioners of judo) during training and competition. It is made of heavy cotton or cotton blend, and is designed to provide protection and freedom of movement. The judogi consists of three parts: an uwagi (jacket), shitabaki (pants), and obi (belt).

Parts of a Judogi

  • Uwagi (Jacket): The uwagi is the main part of the judogi. It is a long-sleeved jacket that is closed at the front with a velcro or snap closure. The uwagi has two large patches on the front and back, which are used to grip the opponent.
  • Shitabaki (Pants): The shitabaki are the pants of the judogi. They are made of a lighter weight fabric than the uwagi, and are usually held up with a drawstring. The shitabaki have a wide hem at the bottom, which helps to protect the legs from being grabbed by the opponent.
  • Obi (Belt): The obi is the belt that is used to tie the judogi together. It is made of a long piece of cotton that is wrapped around the waist and tied in a knot at the back. The color of the obi indicates the wearer’s rank in judo.

How to Wear a Judogi

To wear a judogi, first put on the shitabaki. Then, put on the uwagi, making sure that the patches are facing forward. Finally, tie the obi around your waist. The obi should be tied in a double knot, with the knot at the back.

Choosing a Judogi

When choosing a JUDO Gi Uniform there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Size: The judogi should fit snugly, but not too tightly. It should be long enough to cover your legs and arms, and the sleeves should be long enough to reach your wrists.
  • Fabric: The judogi should be made of a heavy cotton or cotton blend. This will help to protect you from injury and provide a good grip for your opponent.
  • Brand: There are many different brands of judogi available. Some of the most popular brands include Adidas, Mizuno, and Fuji.

Taking Care of a Judogi

After each use, the judogi should be washed in cold water and hung to dry. It is important to avoid using hot water, as this can shrink the fabric. The judogi should also be ironed on a low setting.


The judogi is an essential part of judo training and competition. It is important to choose a judogi that fits well and is made of a durable fabric. By taking care of your judogi, you can ensure that it will last for many years.

Additional Information

  • Judogi for Competition: Judogi that are used in competition must meet certain requirements. The fabric must be a certain weight, and the patches must be a certain size.
  • Women’s Judogi: Women’s judogi are slightly different than men’s judogi. The jacket is cut to be more fitted, and the pants have a narrower hem.
  • Judogi for Children: Children’s judogi are smaller than adult judogi. They are also made of a lighter weight fabric, which makes them more comfortable for children to wear.

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