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“Essential gear for MMA fighters. These hand wraps provide vital protection and support, enhancing performance and reducing the risk of injuries.”

The Ultimate Protector for Combat Athletes


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has gained tremendous popularity as a dynamic and intense combat sport. Fighters involved in this thrilling sport require the right gear to ensure their safety and performance. MMA hand wraps play a crucial role in protecting a fighter’s hands during training and competitions, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing overall performance.

The Purpose of MMA Hand Wraps

Wraps are specially designed to provide support, stability, and protection to a fighter’s hands, wrists, and knuckles. When delivering powerful strikes, the repetitive impact can lead to strain and injury. Hand wraps serve as a barrier between the skin and the gloves, reducing the chance of fractures, sprains, and abrasions.

Construction and Materials

These hand wraps are typically made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and elastic materials. The combination ensures a snug fit around the hands and allows for flexibility in movement. Quality MMA hand wraps are breathable, allowing air circulation to minimize sweat build-up and maintain hygiene.

Length and Width Options

MMA hand wraps are available in various lengths, ranging from 120 to 180 inches, and come in standard widths of 2 to 2.5 inches. The longer wraps provide additional coverage and support, ideal for fighters with larger hands or those seeking extra protection.

Easy-to-use Design

Putting on MMA hand wraps may seem challenging at first, but with practice, fighters can quickly wrap their hands efficiently. Most hand wraps come with a thumb loop and a hook-and-loop closure system, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit during training and competition.

Impact Absorption and Support

One of the main advantages of using hand wraps is their ability to absorb shock during striking movements. The tight, uniform wrap compresses the bones and tissues in the hand and wrist, reducing movement and preventing excessive strain. This added support allows fighters to throw more powerful punches and strikes with reduced risk of injury.

Hygiene and Maintenance

MMA hand wraps are prone to accumulating sweat and odor after intense training sessions. However, they are typically machine-washable, making maintenance easy and convenient. It is essential to wash hand wraps regularly to keep them fresh and free from bacteria.


While primarily used in MMA, these hand wraps are also suitable for various other combat sports, including boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. Their versatility and effectiveness make them a staple accessory for combat athletes worldwide.


MMA hand wraps are indispensable for any serious fighter looking to enhance their performance and protect their hands from potential injuries. With their supportive and protective qualities, hand wraps offer peace of mind, enabling athletes to focus on honing their skills and achieving their goals inside the cage.

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